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Keeping Your Vacation Home Secure During Your Absence

If you just purchased a private vacation home to utilize during warmer months of the year, and you are planning the rest of your time at another abode, you are most likely concerned about how your summer getaway home will fare during your absence. There are several steps you can take to ensure your investment remains safe when you are not spending your time on the property. Here are some tips you can use to help ramp up the security of your new home while you are spending time at your main home location.

Consider Increasing Your Stay Time

If your new vacation home is within driving distance and you are able to get away for a few days, it may be beneficial to make a few impromptu trips to check on the condition of your property. This will keep those in the neighborhood off-guard about your whereabouts or the schedule you regularly keep, making it less likely a theft will occur as people will not know when you are staying and when you are not. This also allows you to enjoy your vacation home to the fullest as you will be able to spend time there during all seasons.

Rent The Home During Cooler Months

If you intend on staying at another location during cooler months of the year, you may want to consider renting out your vacation property to someone during this time. This will allow you the peace of mind that your structure is being lived in, ensuring someone is looking after it when you are not able to be there yourself. It will be necessary to bring any treasured items or documents with private information back and forth with you as you switch your location so they are not at risk of being stolen or damaged.

Use Traditional Security Methods

Think about installing a security system in your new home. This will allow you to receive alerts should there be an incident requiring you to get to the home to check on its condition. A security system will help in scaring off thieves, as well as alert authorities if there is indeed a break in or a fire in the structure. A surveillance camera system can also be a welcome addition to increase security. You can take a look at the property and the interior of your home at any time you desire to can check on its condition. This will also entice you to take a visit to get away for a bit!

Cor more information about vacation homes, contact companies like Vacation Cottages.

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Tips To Make Your Novice Golf Game More Enjoyable

Learning how to golf can give you a game that you’ll enjoy for several decades. But it can take a little while before you actually deem your golf game as “enjoyable.” It’s important to avoid putting high expectations on yourself when you’re a novice player; this is a game that takes a long time to master, but some frequent visits to your local golf course and some lessons with the course’s pro can put you on the path toward success. As you work to develop your skills, there are a number of simple ways that you can make your game more enjoyable — and shave some strokes off your score while you’re at it. Here are some suggestions.

Keep Untrustworthy Clubs In Your Bag

The more you play golf, the more that you’ll realize some clubs are just challenging to use. While some lessons can help you refine your skills with certain clubs, don’t be afraid to keep them in your bag for now. Nothing can derail your score and enjoyment of the golf outing as quickly as errant shots from an untrustworthy club, so focus on using the clubs that you hit fairly consistently. For example, many novices struggle with their long irons; instead of using a 3-iron, try a 5-wood, which is often easier to hit with consistency.

Wait For People To Pass

Many beginner golfers feel self-conscious when they make their shot around other players; this can make teeing off on the first hole particularly challenging. It’s easy to rush your shot and end up hitting the ball poorly. When possible, wait for people to pass so that you don’t feel as though you’re hitting in front of a crowd of spectators. For example, if your ball is near the edge of the fairway and there are golfers on the next fairway over, wait until they move on before you take your shot.

Make The Safe Shot

It’s easy to want to play aggressively, especially if you see the pros doing so on TV. Too often, however, an aggressive shot will land in the water, sand, or deep rough, leaving you in a foul mood. There’s nothing wrong with making the safe shot. Instead of trying to drive the corner of a dogleg hole, play it safe by aiming for the middle of the fairway. Your score will likely end up better, and you won’t get the frustration that occurs with losing your ball and taking a penalty stroke.

Keep these tips in mind next time you visit a course like Chaska Town Course.

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3 Reasons Why Your Teen Should Play Volleyball

When it comes to youth sports leagues, many parents focus their attention on soccer, basketball, and football. While each of these sports present an excellent learning opportunity for teenagers, make sure you aren’t overlooking volleyball. This lively and vigorous sport can teach your child a lot while also giving them much needed physical activity.

Increased Confidence

When a high-powered ball is coming in your direction, it takes a certain level of confidence to run towards the ball and aim to hit it away, instead of just running away from it. To do this, you need to be confident in yourself and your abilities. Through practice and regular involvement, your teen can gain this necessary confidence.

It might seem like a minor thing, but the confidence your child gains on the volleyball court can have a positive impact on other areas of their life, including academic performance and social navigation, both of which will be important throughout their life.  

Improved Eye-Hand Coordination

Volleyball relies heavily on good eye-hand coordination. While this skill is focused on during the primary years, it can fall off over the years. Whether serving the ball or spiking the ball onto the opponent’s side, it takes both the force of your hand and the precision of your eyes to ensure the ball lands in the right space.

Introducing your teen to this sport helps improve their eye-hand coordination. For teens just starting to drive, having strong abilities in this area is helpful because it can improve their reaction time and keep them safer on the road.

Learn Teamwork

For a team to be successful in volleyball, it takes a group effort. Everyone must cover their territory and be ready to assist a nearby team member at any moment. Although each person is performing an individual role, the idea that they are doing so with a common goal can teach your teen not only the importance of teamwork but also how to practice teamwork.

Teens that understand the value of teamwork often have better problem solving skills and can work well with others. Having this skill-set is great in school, but as they progress into their adult life, these skills will be equally important.  

As with any other activity, never force your teen to play if they aren’t interested. However, if they do express an interest, ensure they are equipped with the right gear, including everything from safety equipment to Olympic volleyballs, for the best experience.

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Choosing A Fishing Boat When You Live On Long Island

Long Island has lots of access to water, which makes it the perfect place to own a boat if you love to fish. You have the Long Island Sound, the Atlantic Ocean, as well as bays in the interior of the island. However, it is important to know what type of boat to get. Different types of water will require different types of boats. The boats that are suitable for the inland bays won’t serve you well when you head out into the Atlantic Ocean. So, with that said, here are three types of boats and the particular types of water in and around Long Island that they are suited for.

Bay Boat

Bay boats are small and not suited for open water like the Long Island Sound or the Atlantic Ocean. They are suited for small water, such as the Peconic bay. The boats are very easy to navigate and small enough to get around shallow water. So, if you’re looking to fish in Suffolk Country and want to get out in the Peconic bay or the Noyack bay, then a bay boat is perfect. You can hook them up to your car and tow them to the bay launch on the weekends and head out to go fish.

Center Console Boat

If you want to get out into the Long Island sound or head up to Rye and north to the waters off of Connecticut, then a center console boat is your best bet. These are much larger than bay boats, have strong motors, and are deep hulled enough so that they won’t get rocked around in small waves like you will find in the Long Island Sound. You will be able to stand up and cast your line without worrying about the boat tipping. If you like, you can get a large center console that even has a sleeping compartment underneath the deck. Though these boats are not suited for long, ocean voyages, the extra room is always nice if you are out for the day and want space to take a nap or someone on board gets sea sick and needs to lie down.


If you are heading out fishing in the Atlantic Ocean, perhaps deep sea fishing off of Montauk, you need a large cruiser. These are powerful, deep hulled boats that can handle the strong currents and waves of the Atlantic Ocean. They are also suitable for fishing in the Long Island Sound. You could even launch from the North Shore and head into the Sound and then power around the island and out to sea if you are looking for a nice, long weekend trip. These boats often have large sleeping cabins for overnight trips.

For more information, contact local professionals like Boater’s Landing.

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Why Bowling Is Ideal For Children’s Birthday Parties

If you’re looking for an idea of an outing for your child’s upcoming birthday party, it’s worthwhile to consider gathering the group of party attendees (and maybe some adult chaperones) and heading to the local bowling center. Even if none of the children have bowled in the past, this sport is easy to learn and in a matter of minutes, the enter group will be having a blast. Regardless of the age of your child and his or her peers, there are a number of reasons that having the party at a local bowling center is a good idea. Here are some to consider.

Bowling Provides Regular Action Without Being Chaotic

Bowling can be fun for children and adults alike because of its pace. Depending on how many children are attending the party, you can reserve one or more bowling lanes together to allow the kids to play. A game with three or four bowlers means that each child will only have to wait a moment or two between shots, and many children will be able to maintain their attention span with this pace. For adults, the game is ideal because it isn’t chaotic — taking children to laser tag or an arcade, on the other hand, can be fun for the kids but chaotic and challenging for the parents.

There’s An Opportunity To Learn

In addition to learning the fundamentals of bowling, this activity provides an ideal opportunity for children to learn. There are many lessons inherent in bowling; chief among them is waiting your turn. Children will be able to learn which child they follow, and then line up accordingly and wait to make their shot. As a parent, it’s always nice to find activities that allow you to reinforce useful life lessons, and bowling certainly falls into this category.

A One-Stop Center For Fun

Another reason to spend your child’s birthday at a bowling center is that you won’t need to go elsewhere for the party. Many bowling centers are equipped with private party rooms and have on-site food. This means that after a couple games of bowling, your group can head to a private party room to have a pizza lunch, enjoy some birthday cake and, of course, open presents. The availability of all these elements under one roof means that you won’t have to have the children at your house and drive them to the center; parents can just drop their kids off at the bowling center for the entirety of the party.

Contact a company like Frontier Bowling Lanes Inc to learn more.

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