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Why Bowling Is Ideal For Children’s Birthday Parties

If you’re looking for an idea of an outing for your child’s upcoming birthday party, it’s worthwhile to consider gathering the group of party attendees (and maybe some adult chaperones) and heading to the local bowling center. Even if none of the children have bowled in the past, this sport is easy to learn and in a matter of minutes, the enter group will be having a blast. Regardless of the age of your child and his or her peers, there are a number of reasons that having the party at a local bowling center is a good idea. Here are some to consider.

Bowling Provides Regular Action Without Being Chaotic

Bowling can be fun for children and adults alike because of its pace. Depending on how many children are attending the party, you can reserve one or more bowling lanes together to allow the kids to play. A game with three or four bowlers means that each child will only have to wait a moment or two between shots, and many children will be able to maintain their attention span with this pace. For adults, the game is ideal because it isn’t chaotic — taking children to laser tag or an arcade, on the other hand, can be fun for the kids but chaotic and challenging for the parents.

There’s An Opportunity To Learn

In addition to learning the fundamentals of bowling, this activity provides an ideal opportunity for children to learn. There are many lessons inherent in bowling; chief among them is waiting your turn. Children will be able to learn which child they follow, and then line up accordingly and wait to make their shot. As a parent, it’s always nice to find activities that allow you to reinforce useful life lessons, and bowling certainly falls into this category.

A One-Stop Center For Fun

Another reason to spend your child’s birthday at a bowling center is that you won’t need to go elsewhere for the party. Many bowling centers are equipped with private party rooms and have on-site food. This means that after a couple games of bowling, your group can head to a private party room to have a pizza lunch, enjoy some birthday cake and, of course, open presents. The availability of all these elements under one roof means that you won’t have to have the children at your house and drive them to the center; parents can just drop their kids off at the bowling center for the entirety of the party.

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3 Ocean Sports To Enjoy While On Your Bahamas Vacation If You Can’t Surf

If you’ve never learned how to surf, then you might think that there’s not much you can do on the ocean while on vacation. Maybe you are not keen on scuba diving or snorkeling, and so have resigned yourself to lying out and soaking up the sun with some swimming. But that doesn’t have to be the case. You can try any number of fun ocean sports. Here is a list of three to consider trying.


If you like the idea of flying high above the ocean, then you will love parasailing. The way this works up is that you hook up to a parachute and attach a line to a speed boat. You stand on a dock or large floating boat, and the small speed boat drives off, pulling the line. This creates wind drag in the parachute sail and you lift off into the air like a kite. The small speed boat then drives around, and you sail about high up in the sky. The speed of the boat allows for the wind to keep you aloft. When it comes time to land, the boat will slow down and you can land in the water or back on the landing dock.

Ocean Kayaking

Ocean kayaking is a great way to get out on the ocean in a craft that anyone can handle. Ocean style kayaks are designed with an open top, unlike river kayaks that tend to have a covered top (sometimes even a neoprene “skirt” to completely seal in the operator). A sealed style river kayak is designed to keep white water rapids from getting inside the interior. If you tip over in a river kayak, then you will either have to “barrel roll” back into a right position or you will have to drag the craft to shore. Open style ocean kayaks are designed to let you climb back on and allows the small waves to wash over the craft without sinking it.


If you like the idea of surfing but never really got the hang of it, then wakeboarding is perfect. It’s a bit of a mashup of snowboarding, surfing, and jet skiing. You get on a wakeboard, which is shaped like a short, wide surfboard. This is hooked up to a powerboat by a long cable. You hold onto the cable handle. When the boat takes off, you get to follow along and ride the swells that the boat creates. If you get the hang of it, you will be able to do trick jumps over the wakes in the water that the boat creates. And if you wipe out, it’s not big deal since you’re out in the ocean. It’s a bit safer than regular surfing in this regard because you won’t be riding a huge wave and pushed underwater, potentially hitting sharp coral reef (which is a possibility when you’re surfing).

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