Competition shooting is an inclusive sport intended for anyone and everyone who wishes to test their skills in a positive, encouraging environment. The sport is proud of the many legendary figures who have shattered records with their amazing speed and accuracy. Seasoned vets are not the only ones who make up the sport. Novice and beginner divisions accommodate those who want to give competition shooting a try. Investing in a high-quality leather shooting belt is a must for newbies. A leather belt, however, cannot go from a store shelf to around the buyer’s waist at the competition range. There are a few things to do with the belt to get the accessory ready for practice and competition time.

Wearing the Belt at Home

The belt has to be more than merely comfortable to wear. The belt has to feel almost like a proverbial second skin. Being used to the strap makes quick reloading a lot easier. The belt also becomes less distracting when the wearer hardly even knows it’s there. The only way to develop such a reliable level of comfort is to wear the belt frequently. Donning the belt around the house — without a holstered gun — allows a competitor to get used to the accessory. Additionally, the leather or other material ends up breaking in. The material becomes less stiff, which adds to the comfort level.

Practicing with the Belt

Frequent sessions at the shooting range with the belt do more than just break in the leather. The leather bends and yields in accordance to activity specific movements, aiding the material in complementing the wearer’s physical nuances. This does work both ways. The wearer also has to get used to the belt in an activity specific environment, and this is why practicing with the belt is important.

Exercising with the Belt

For action-oriented competition, the competitor may have to move from place-to-place quickly while drawing and shooting a weapon. Wearing the belt while safely performing low-impact movement exercises helps make wearing the belt feel much more natural when the time comes to aggressively move to complete a task.

Requesting a Gunsmith to Soften the Leather

There are many different solvents available to soften a leather belt. Applying a solvent to loosen stiff leather is a good idea, but the application has to be done right. The wrong amount of solvent could warp, stain, or otherwise ruin a perfectly good belt. Such a strap would be useless in a competition. Asking a gunsmith to treat the leather helps you avoid any mishaps.