Hunting can be extremely challenging, but those who have been hunting traditional prey for a long time may now be up for a serious challenge. Chasing monster predators such as grizzly bears brings forth a challenge few hunters are capable of handling. The truly adventurous may wish to bring down a grizzly by hunting the beast with a powerful single-shot rifle. If this is your goal, a special order for a reliable custom long-action rifle might be a good path. 

Making a Long-Range Precision Shot

A custom-made bolt-action rifle may be crafted in such a way that the shot released from the chamber takes flight with great precision. Upon spotting a grizzly 200 yards away, you must hit the target in the kill zone with extreme accuracy. A properly weighted and balanced custom rifle helps with this goal. Long-range shots, however, may not be the only ones that have to be made.

Making the Critical Short-Range Shot

In bear country, there is always the risk of stumbling on the huge animal by surprise. Bears may make a den under “downed trees or in brush piles,” and an enraged bear may charge a hunter if they happen upon the animal and startle it. With precious moments to spare, in this case, the hunter has to make the single rifle shot count. Custom rifles may help the cause since their design boosts accuracy.

Enhancing Accuracy

The recoil and vibrations caused by high-caliber bear loads can impact accuracy, and the added stress of falling into a bear attack make performing a vital shot even more difficult. With a custom-made rifle, the design could aid in improving accuracy by installing the most appropriate stock and barrel. An assembly line–produced bear rifle might not be the perfect match for the hunter. Safety could be compromised as a result. A custom rifle made to the specifications of the customer is sure to be a better fit. The right rifle alone won’t guarantee an ideal outcome, but the odds of a preferred outcome should increase.

Providing Personal Details

Giving the gunsmith accurate details about the shooter could help greatly with customizing the rifle. Basic stats such as the height, weight, and age of the hunter paints a picture in the mind of the gunsmith. Perhaps the gunsmith knows someone who matches the physical dimensions of the customer. The gunsmith’s friend may be chosen to test fire the rifle which, in turn, gives the gunsmith ideas about improvements such as fixing the balance or lengthening the stock.

The right rifle for the right hunter makes for a smoother, safer hunting trip. Talk to a company such as Southwest Precision LLC for more information.