Why spend your birthday at a boring backyard gathering or restaurant for dinner when you can celebrate on a boat? With a chartered boat birthday celebration, you can enjoy the tranquility of the water and the luxury of a chartered cruise. If you have a birthday coming up, here are just a handful of tips that can help you take your boat celebration to the next level.

Keep The Guest List Exclusive

Be ultra-selective when it comes to the people you invite. Once you’ve set sail and are out on the water, getting away from an obnoxious person will pretty much be impossible. Don’t feel obligated to invite someone simply because they are a friend or close relative. If you can’t really stand to be around them on land, the water will be no different. This tip is especially important if you plan to serve alcohol at your event.

Remember To Consider Comfort

Provided you make your reservation early, the boat charter company will likely allow you to choose which time of the day you want to plan your party. Make sure you are keeping comfort in mind. For instance, a midday cruise might seem like a great idea, but if you’re planning it in the middle of the summer, it might be too hot to comfortably enjoy the exterior areas of the boat. Choose a time of day that will ensure everyone is comfortable.

Don’t Forget The Entertainment

You can ensure there is never a dull moment on your cruise by booking entertainment. Fortunately, many boat charter companies have a house band or DJ. If they don’t, they have direct relationships with entertainment acts they can secure on your behalf. Having dinner on one deck and music on another creates flexible spaces for each guest to enjoy at their own leisure.

Choose Your Menu Wisely

Whether you’re having the menu catered by the boat charter company or on your own, choose your menu wisely. Consider water conditions. For example, during a windy period, it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to have liquid-based selections on the menu, like soup. The high winds will only cause the boat to sway, which will ultimately send these liquid-based selections splatted all over your guests. Also consider theme, if you’re planning an all-white boat party, you should probably stay away from heavily sauced selections.

The more effort you put into planning your birthday boat celebration the more enjoyable the experience for your guests and most importantly, the more enjoyable and memorable the experience for you. Contact a business, such as Chicago Watercraft, for more information.