If you want to see whales in the wild, then you should look for a whale watching tour. These are guided boat tours that take you out into the ocean and give you the opportunity to see whales in their natural habitat. The tours don’t go too far off shore, so it’s something you can do in a single afternoon.

Below are 4 of the best places to go for a whale-watching trip.

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Vancouver Island is located off the west coast of Canada. It’s right across from Vancouver. Even though it is located near one of the largest metropolitan cities in Canada, Vancouver Island is a nature lover’s paradise. Tourists flock there to see Grizzly and Black bears on the islands remote stretches. For those who want to see whales, especially the Killer Whales (aka Orcas), then Vancouver Island is perfect. The cold waters off the coast are prefect for the enormous Grey whale, as well as Orca pods.

Bar Harbor, Maine

Bar Harbor is located on a small island off the coast of Maine. It is a very popular summer resort town. People love to hike and ride bikes in the national park, as well as take whale watching boats out into the Atlantic Ocean. The whales that you might see off the coast of Maine include Humpback and Finback. Another cool thing to do when on the island is to take a coastal boat trip and see some of the water birds that live up on Maine, such as the beautiful Puffin.

Provincetown, Mass

Provincetown is located on Cape Cod. It’s accessible by ferry from mainland Massachusetts. The town used to be a central port in the whaling industry. However, nowadays the whales are not hunted and killed, but rather admired for their natural grace and beauty. The main whale type that you will spot off of Provincetown is the Humpback whale. When you are out on the boat you might also spot a school of dolphins swimming by.

 Dominican Republic

If you want a really immersive whale watching experience, you might want to consider traveling down to the Dominican Republic. There is a special area off of the cost of the Dominican Republic called the Silver Bank. This is a shallow area in the ocean. The advantage of this shallow area is that you can see the whales when they are swimming underwater, not just when they come up for air. For the truly adventurous, you can even take a scuba diving excursion and swim alongside humpback whales in the Silver Bank area.

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