If you have recently learned about the existence of actual rubber band guns, you may be marveling at the advances in technology that now allow you to shoot those bands with more precision. Gone are the days where you had to form a makeshift gun with your hands; now you can get simple handheld and rifle-style guns that send those bands across a room with force. One of the basic distinctions you’ll find in gun styles is the single shooter (shooting one rubber band at a time) versus the automatic (shooting several rubber bands in a row without reloading). Here’s a look at three considerations to take into account when choosing a style.

Time Lag

If you use the rubber band gun for live action games, the automatic is going to shoot multiple bands in a row, meaning there’s little in the way of time lags as you try to reload. If that’s what you need, obviously, get the automatic. But if you are more into precision shots made from hiding places where you aren’t concerned about hitting a target multiple times in fast succession, the single shooter will be more appropriate.


Single shooters win this category. If you have an automatic, then you’re going to have more parts that can break and render the gun unusable. A simple single shooter with fewer parts should (assuming the gun is relatively well made) not require nearly the amount of repairs and maintenance as an automatic.

Practice Aim

A single-shooter rubber band gun may be better for you if you want to use the gun to practice your aim. Firing off one band at a time lets you keep the gun as steady as possible during the shot and lets you concentrate fully on that one shot. An automatic could vibrate enough to throw your aim off. While there’s something to be said for practicing with an automatic to learn how to make your grasp on the gun more stable, try to work with a single shooter, at least at the beginning when you’re getting used to how to aim.

Like real guns, rubber band guns come in several styles and with several different features. You may want to try test-shooting some, so talk to dealers who cater to live action games and see what they have noticed among their customers. They may know whether their beginning customers tend to do a lot better with a particular style.

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