Having a home on the water means you can access the river or lake as often as you’d like. If you have a boat, jet ski, or even a canoe, having a dock to house your water machinery and equipment will make getting out on the water much more convenient. There are a few styles of docks you can choose from, whether you want a professional to install one for you or you prefer to purchase a dock kit and assemble one yourself. Here are boat dock options for your waterfront property.

Floating docks

Floating docks are available in both wooden and steel designs, and are ideal for your property if the water that surrounds your home changes water levels frequently. Rivers are often ideal for floating docks since their water level can rise in the summer then dip down in the winter months. A floating dock is able to move with the water level, so you can always have access to your water equipment.

Swim platforms

If you want your family to be able to access the water and have plenty of room to lounge in the sun on your dock, you may want to consider a swim platform for your needs. You can have a dock tie installed on this type of structure to secure lightweight watercraft, as well as railings to get in and out of the water from. Swim platforms are available for installation with a boardwalk from your yard or can be placed several feet out into the water for a fun resting spot after a day of swimming.

Dock with a roof

If your sole purpose of getting a boat dock is to safely house your boat during all seasons, you may want to think about getting a boat dock with a roofing system installed on it. A dock with a roof is able to have your boat pulled right onto the dock with a canopy-style roof to keep your boat safe against wind, rain, and sun. You can buy a covered boat dock with a roof and sides for added protection, and when your boat is in use, you can use the dock for sun protection while enjoying your waterfront view.

When buying a boat dock for your home, you want to know your options. A floating dock is great if you live on a river due to water level fluctuations, while a boat dock with a roof may be best for keeping your boat safe all times of year. You can talk to a boat dock specialist to help you choose the best dock for your needs.