Regardless of your love for the sport of golf, the current fact is that you probably do not have as much time in your regular life to play. In fact, it is estimated that fathers have only about 2.6 leisure hours to spend on sports activities for the week and that is hardly enough time to do 9 holes, much less 18. Mothers have even less time. Unfortunately, you may also find that your family may not as enthused with the sport as there are only about 5 percent of the population below 30 years of age who play at all. However, when you are planning your family vacation, it might be a good time to combine your love of golf with family time.

So if you want to have your golf fix for the year with a 2016 masters package while catering to the non-golf needs of your family, consider the following points for having a combination holiday.

Make the best of it

The place to begin might be to ensure that you commit to the 14 days of vacation time that the average American gets per year but often does not use. For your vacation with the family, planning in this case is paramount. It is best to select a vacation planner who not only has the experience, enthusiasm and willingness to meet the needs of your family, but can find you an affordable all-in-one golf vacation.

Select a package that takes care of the hotel reservations, golf course reservations and transportation. A good package will also provide the necessary information for attractions and sites that your family can get to while you are off golfing.

Make the effort

The playing of golf is declining with an average of 137 courses, in the U.S., closing each year. One of the drawbacks to learning golf is that it can be a difficult, time-consuming sport in the face of more easily accessible and cheaper forms of entertainment that can be had on the latest tablet or smart phone. However, it is possible to plan, with the tournament package that you get, lessons for your family members, especially the little ones who might not yet be so set in their video playing ways. 

Doing so can help to foster an appreciation for the sport and may even foster another enthusiast like yourself. However, this should only be done if your package includes well trained supportive staff who are also committed to help saving the game and can do so while making it interesting and fun for the family.