If you’re trying to encourage your kids to a live a healthy lifestyle and get outside, there are a few accessories you can add outside that may get everyone active. It’s great to have entertainment options to lead your kids outdoors and to have some fun family competition.

There are a lot of entertainment units and items you can purchase and assemble or have installed that will make your house the fun house where everyone wants to hang out after school.

Basketball Hoop

A basketball hoop is great for shooting and practicing and for some family fun. If you have kids that play basketball or you like to shoot hoops, you can really blow off stress or anxiety by shooting around in the driveway. A game of pig can help settle who has to do the dishes, or making teams is a great way to bond.

If there isn’t room outdoors for an outside hoop, an arcade style hoop for inside the house can be fun as well.


A trampoline is a great way to get some exercise, strengthen the leg muscles, and have fun. You can send the kids out to wear off some energy before bed. If you are worried about safety when it comes to a trampoline, you can get a net that goes around the unit so people don’t fall off the sides.

If you don’t have a large yard, you can get a smaller sized trampoline that doesn’t fit as many people. Some homeowners dig out the ground so the trampoline is ground level.

Zip Line

If you have two large and sturdy trees in your backyard, or you want to have posts installed, you can have a zip line going through the back yard. This is a great way to improve upper body strength, and it’s a fun activity that kids love. It’s important to make sure the zip line can run smoothly without interference to prevent problems or injury.

If you are trying to make a fun and entertaining outdoor space where you and the family can hang out, or you are trying to find more activities that you can all do together, these are great options to try. There are many different recreational games and equipment you can get for your family to use when the weather is nice outside, and other items that you can get for inside of the house.