How would you rate your short game? If it could use some improvement, you will find the following three tips useful. They will provide helpful hints on the spin, wedge shot, and the target area. Mastering the short game through training is the best approach to reduce your scores.

Spin Secrets

A ball with twist on it stops immediately when it hits on the green. To place more spin on the ball, open your posture. Shift your weight more than you usually would. Ensure that your swing is vertical and hit the ball using a pointed and descending shot that sends the ball fast up into the air. Don’t scoop it. Keep your wrists firm. Make contact the ball. This is going to create a divot. At the start of each round, be sure that you have clean grooves in your wedges.

Enhance That Wedge Shot

One of the ways to enhance wedge shot assurance would be to learn the spaces you hit with three distinct swing spans. The first is a swing that finishes together with the hands just below the waistline. The second is one where the hands go over the waistline. The last one is where the hands are at shoulder height near the highest part of the swing. With one of these spaces memorized, when you’re confronted using a pitch shot of a span that is given, it is possible to match the shot from among those swings.

Train to Get a Tiny Target Area – with a Hula Hoop

As you play a hole, you aim for targets that are increasingly smaller. To begin with, you aim for a broad sweep of the fairway. Then you train for the green. That is, a target that is smaller. Your final target is the hole. By means of the short game, you occasionally have to visualize your personal target, although all this is a visual cue.

Try utilizing a hula hoop when practicing. Learn how stops inside the outside of the hoop and to pitch the ball so that it bounces up. Hula hoops are usually 30 to 40 inches in diameter, big enough so that you’ve got a realistic goal, but little enough to train yourself to never leave over a 2- to 3-foot putt coming back. It is also possible to practice fantastic pitch-and-roll shots where you hit on the ball to the hoop and allow it to roll to the hole beyond it.

Using these three tips will help improve your short game. From learning the secrets of the spin to minimizing your target area, practice will, of course, make perfect. If you are serious about improving it, using a hula hoop should not be of concern. Contact a company like Sterling Golf Services for more information.